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for that report. >>> nbc's ron allen is also in boston. he's at mass general hospital where many of the injured are being treated. ron, good morning. we heard over 100 people have been injured in this attack. we heard some injuries were so serious they are resulting in limb amputations. what can you tell us about the range of injuries. >> reporter: there are about 30 people roughly who were taken to various hospitals across boston in very serious condition. here at mass general doctors said there were eight people who were in critical condition and were still undergoing surgery and will begin under going multiple surgeries before their conditions can be ascertained. there's a lot of people here with horrific injuries and still unclear whether they will make it or not. the death toll could increase but at this point it's still at three. another problem here, all the patients who were brought in have not necessarily been identified. some were unconscious. families were separated. some were taken to this hospital, some to others. earlier in the day there were relatives trying to find their loved o
's ron allen is at mass general hospital, where many of the injured are being treated. what can you tell us about the range of injuries? >> the range of injuries is serious. there were about 30 people taken to hospitals yesterday, that were in serious, grave condition. here at mass general, they told us there are at least eight people who are in surgery and may have multiple surgeries in the days to come. as the doctor said in the sound clip that you aired, most of the injuries are lower extremities, damage to bones, tissue, a lot of damage from flying shrapnel. there were amputations that happened or partial amputations. some are in critical condition at some of the hospitals. there is the possibility that the death toll could increase. the bottom line is, this is going to be a situation that's going to go on for some time. one other point. the doctors said they are asking for donations of blood from the general public. they don't need it now. but they anticipate in the days and weeks ahead, they will because they're running for a lot of blood supplies to deal with the 30 or so patients
to bring in ron allen on the scene there have been interviews with high school classmates, some may have been those who tipped the fbi to the identity, once they saw the pictures. i know savannah guthrie interviewed earlier, sierra schwartz, a high school classmate who talked about what regular kids they were. they were friends, they were pals, they were sociable. they were on the wrestling team. they were wrestlers, they were boxers. also john curran, the former boxing coach. described the younger brother as a puppy dog who used to follow the older son. what are you, what are you hearing from the community there? and what's happening at the scene? >> we're hearing shock and disbelief as you might imagine, andrea. i mean so many times you come to one of these crime scenes and people always÷a kind of quiet, kept to themselves. there seems to be nothing unremarkable, until now. about these, nothing remarkable about these two young men. i should also tell you, as you probably, as you well know, cambridge is a very diverse community. this is a neighborhood of modest homes and restaurants an
and wounded were remembered, and the city began to reopen after the horror of the past week. nbc's ron allen is there for us tonight. ♪ >> reporter: boston's heart burst out in song today on the streets near where so many victims of the marathon bombing were wounded last week. ♪ i'm going to let it shine >> evil will always happen in this world, yet we can combat it with good, we can combat it with love. >> reporter: worshippers who couldn't get to churches inside the cordoned off crime scene attended services outside. ♪ let peace begin with me >> reporter: at the cathedral of the holy cross, powerful portraits stood before a congregation filled with heavy hearts. pictures of those killed by the bomb blasts. krystle campbell, 29, lingzi lu, 23 and martin richard, just 8. and police officer sean collier, 26, murdered allegedly by the suspects. at m.i.t. today a tribute where collier died on campus. >> i see a young man with incredible potential. i think the sky was the limit with him, and i think that in the future we would have heard a lot from him. m.i.t. is a real special place, and
prolonged stay in the hospital. ron allen is in johannesburg with the latest on his condition. >> reporter: good evening, lester. mandela is here in his home in johannesburg. there is a media presence. we understand he's been treated for pneumonia and a recurring lung infection. >> today he was discharged from hospital following a sustained and gradual improvement in his condition. >> reporter: this was the third health scare for mandela in four months and this time seemed more serious and worrisome because he was raced to the hospital at night. the government made no attempt to try to describe this as a routine visit as it had in the past. every time this happens, there is concern and support and worry around the world and across this nation, of course. mandela is 94. he'll be 95 in july. >> we really wish him well and we're thrilled he is home. >> it's a dream come true. >> yeah. >> yes. >> reporter: now there is at least some measure of relief that mandela is well enough to be here at home where the government says he continues to receive home-based high care. lester? >> ron allen in jo
. there are millions of dollars at stake. the story tonight from nbc's ron allen in atlanta. ♪ >> reporter: while the baptist church celebrates 151 years in the same community, the congregation faces a monumental decision. >> thank you, jesus! >> reporter: it's one of two historic churches in the path of a new $1 billion dome football stadium, the atlanta falcons and the city want to build. and they're offering millions of dollars if the churches agree to move. >> i don't think the church should move. >> reporter: juanita jones abernat abernathy, widow of ralph abernathy, believes her church should stand firm on what she considers sacred ground, where slaves were shipped in a boxcar during the civil war, where historically black colleges spellman and morehouse once held class in the basement. >> the church is a landmark in the community. and it needs to remain there as a landmark. >> reporter: the city's first offer to friendship, nearly ten times its appraised value, about $10 million. the pressure to move is obvious. you see the white top of the georgia dome stadium and how it looms over the ch
to boston to speak at the service. joining us now with the latest from boston, ron allen and ron, i have to imagine today was a tremendously somber day in the city of boston. >> i think it was just profoundly disturbing. so many people i talked to were just upset. particularly because we learned about the three victims. a young boy, 8 years old. he lived in a town, an area of boston called dor chechester, ad working neighborhood that so many people here can relate to. the woman was from an area called medford, another very boston place and a graduate student here like so many others here, the third victim. here at the hospital, we learned today that several of the patients who are in the most critical condition woke up from medically induced comas today for the first time. maybe four or five of them and were able to speak to doctors about what they had been going through. the doctors with were saying they were trying to keep all this business, but it was an indication of how series some patients still are here. the number of critically ill patients rose from 17 to about 22 or 24 and the
and nbc's ron allen from mass general. chris, first to you, the latest on the scene. you've talked to so many witnesses, so many people. you know the community, tell us how things have evolved the day after. >> just a few blocks from what is an active crime scene. and to pick up on what michael lighter just talked about. one of the things we heard was a call from the folks around the finish line to send in their photos, send in their videos and they acknowledge there could be not just thousands, but maybe tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of them. they're particularly interested, obviously, in those that were taken during the blast. right before and right after. and they said, do not hesitate to send them to us. we promise we will follow up on them. it is going to be extremely difficult. you can just imagine with potentially tens or hundreds of thousands of photos, like looking for a needle in a haystack. what officials are saying is you don't know as a citizen, what might be important and we're going to look for it. we're going to find it. part of what is being called the most
of the surviving suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. ron allen is outside of the boston hospital where he is being treated. ron, what's the latest from there? >> reporter: good morning, lester. we're not hearing anything officially from the hospital staff here. they are deferring all questions to the fbi because this is of course an extremely sensitive manner. we believe he's in serious condition. we believe he was wounded at some point in the process because the man who found him found him under a tarp covered in blood was the way his condition was described then. sources have also told us that he has lost a lot of blood and that he was somewhat incoherent when he was found by authorities and captured by authorities. he's 19 years old. he's been american citizen who ironically became a citizen on september 11th of last year. a student at a branch of umass dartmouth not far from here where he was studying marine biology. the family came here ten years ago from southern russia and appears that he was something of an introvert. there are a number of family members who indicated as much. the bottom line is t
's hospital, some of the best in the world. >> nbc's ron allen has been at the massachusetts general hospital all day today. he has more. ron tell us the latest about the injury count, which has increased today. who is in critical condition and are there any indications at this point that the death toll may rise? >> reporter: well, jim and pat, the number of injuries has actually gone down into the 70s from about 176 at last count. so there is encouraging news in that regard. there is still perhaps 17 people in critical condition, eight here at massachusetts general hospital. their wounds are severe and horrific and have to do with the most part with lower portions of their body. remember, these were items put in lower areas, and mainly regarded the lower parts of the body. there are at least four amputees in the city. the doctors are trying to monitor the blood pressure and heart rate but believe most patients are stable as they describe it. but not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination just yet. they will be in intensive care for the next several days. doctors say here, they ar
in northern ireland. nbc's ron allen reported on the good friday agreement. >> reporter: for so long it seemed impossible, a peace agreement where history is written in blood. now it's negotiations. 17 hours past the midnight deadline. former u.s. senate majority leader george mitchell launching a new beginning for a troubled land. >>> happy birthday to yankee's first baseman mark teixeira, 33. joel gray 81. ethel kennedy is 85. >>> here comes a wedding as a man shocked his girlfriend with a surprise of a lifetime. now, keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm dara brown. thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. the day today on your nbc station. have a good thursday. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. at&t u-verse high speed internet offers more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hotspots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with
here could rise, but at this point, it's still stable at three. richard? >> ron allen live from boston, thank you so much for that report. >>> flags are flying at half-staff in washington today as lawmakers on capitol hill amend their schedules in response to what some call an act of terror. today intelligence committee members will be briefed by homeland security and the fbi on the boston bombing. nb krshs's tracie potts is in washington with more for us. tracie, good morning to you. >> reporter: richard, capitol police are telling visitors here expect more officers in the public areas today. some lawmakers have already been briefed. others get an update on this investigation today. >> the house will now observe a moment of silence in memory of the victims of today's attack in boston. >> reporter: congress observing a moment of silence for boston's victims. this morning the capitol flag remains at half-staff. later today, the fbi, homeland security and intelligence officials brief lawmakers on what they know about the explosions. >> the most important thing is we do it right. we get t
-year-old girl. nbc news national investigative correspondent michaels i cough is in boston, ron allen outside boston's beth israel medical center where the suspect and many of the victims are being kept and kristen we willinger at the white house, let's get to the latest on investigation. for that, we turn to michaels i cough, again, in boston. what is the fbi focusing on today and moving forward? >> reporter: federal prosecutors are focusing on drafting a criminal complaint we could see as early as this afternoon, detailing the criminal charges against him supported by an affidavit from an fbi agent that would lay out some details of the plot. not all of them but could provide crucial new information for us about what tsarnaev actually did and raise and shed some light on whether the fbi think there is are any accomplices or not. at the same time, have this high-value intelligence interrogation team that is planning to question him as early as they can without reading him his miranda rights, the standard rights you see on every crime show. mandated by the constitution are not going t
to visit with the victims, nbc's ron allen is there. ron? >> hi there, andrea. there are still 11 patients here at mass general. the president arrived a little before the top of the hour. you can see behind me there are a lot of people taking long lunches, staff from the hospital, hoping to catch a glimpse of the motorcade at the entrance to the hospital, there are people out lining the entrance. the president didn't and would not come in the front door like this. he came around the back and no one saw him. the news from the hospitals across boston continues to be very good. there are 58 survivors in the hospital and only seven critical. the numbers originally were as high as 175. and 30 and the numbers have continued to come down every day and the doctors are very encouraged about that. there was a particularly good piece of news from one of the hospitals, boston medical center today, there's a 5-year-old boy who had been in critical condition and the doctors said he had recovered enough to take him off that list. and the doctors expressed a lot of optimism that he's going to be just fine
conversations going on if, indeed, they have dzhokhar surrounded. i want to go to ron allen in a desserted city of boston. ron, walk us through the lockdown. >> well, chuck, this whole lockdown scenario affects about a million people in greater boston. watertown, newton and here in the heart of boston. i'm in the back bay. this usually would be a very busy commuter rail station. also an amtrak station. but the trains are not running between providence and boston. you can see all there is is wind-blown newspapers. the street is completely empty. as you go in this direction across the street, this is looking towards coply square. >> let me stop you there. ron, we didn't have your camera on. we had your voice up and still showing watertown. now your camera is up. describe for us. >> here we are in coply square, completely desserted, as you can see. normally a place that is full of business people, workers going back and forth. and over this way, i don't ethink you saw this. this was the train station. back bay train station in the south end of boston. you can also see heavy security inside there.
in correspondent ron allen joining us from mass general hospital in boston. ron, obviously the boston area, home to an incredible number of some of the finest medical institutions in the entire country. what are you seeing at mass general and what are you hearing there about those who are been brought there after the explosions today? >> reporter: absolutely right, chris. and all the doctors and medical staff in the town seem to be pulling together. people have come in from home to help out because everybody, of course, is aware of what happened. first here at this -- outside the hospital, we were just told by the police some time ago to be careful about where we were because there was an operation of some sort going on not far from here where there was obviously some concern there might have been another explosive device. that passed, that threat, if there ever was one, has passed. we can stay here and broadcast. i was able to have a conversation with an emergency room physician from beth israel across town, they received somewhere in the order of 20 to 30 patients. the doctor said what he desc
to be approached oftentimes in kind after stepwise fashion. >> ron allen is live for us at mass general this morning. ron, if there is one silver lining to any of this, it is that this took place in boston which is home to some of world class hospitals and some of the best physicians in the world. >> exactly, chuck. that was my very thought. it's also good news if we can say that that boston's a very small, compact city so these hospitals were very close to where the blasts occurred so it did not take long for patients to get where they were going. also at the finish line there were medical tents set up to help runners who were coming in late, stragglers. that's always there. so again, an easy way to start triaging patients and helping them right there at the scene which is so crucial with some of these horrific injuries. behind me you can see the entrance to mass general. they've really cleared it out in the last hour or so. this is what you see also in the back bay, copley square area of boston, where they are just trying to keep a lid on things and questioning people coming in and ou
is at the hospital. let's go to nbc's ron allen who is joining me with more at where he is and on his condition. ron, good morning. what are you hearing? >> good morning, alex. this is the same hospital where his brother was pronounced dead on friday morning. he is said to be in serious condition as far as we know. the hospital is not releasing much information about his condition, because it's such a sensitive matter, they're deferring all questions to the fbi. perhaps we will learn more later. we understand, however, that he suffered a tremendous amount of loss of blood. and that he was pretty much incoherent when he was captured. although he was conscious, and certainly alive. and to some extent we have no idea how cooperative he was or was not, and we don't know when in the process he was wounded. remember he was on the run for the better part of about 20 hours or so. and we have no idea what help he may have gotten along the way, if any. so his medical condition is really a big mystery at this point. as soon as he is able to, you can bet that authorities will be questioning him and talking to h
a lot of people in severe dangers. >> ron allen, thank you so much. one of the things striking about what we know so far is the ratio of pfatalities to casualties. two people lost their lives, but it's good that so many appear to have avoided death. and right now joining me is donald, former fbi essential agent who investigated the oklahoma city bombing, the u.s. embassy attacks and be the usa coal in 2000. thanks for being here. the thing everyone wants know is who did this. >> of course. >> it's the thing everyone wants to know, but we cannot answer that, so instead, as someone who has transported into the aftermath of a mass casualty event in the role of investigator, explain to us what is happening now. who is showing up in boston under who's direction, who is coordinating and what are the processes undertake ton find out who did this? >> it's going to be a long night and week for the agents and the joint terrorism task force in boston. what typically happens, and i'm positive what's happening now, first thing is they have a joint command post set up. it'll be a jop, a joint oper
. back the you. >> kristin welker at the white house, thanks so much. ron allen is live outside boston massachusetts general hospital and i think you could hear the president there leading off with the fact that the hearts are heavy thinking about those that were killed and maimed in yesterday's explosions. some of the youngest along the sidelines there of the 8-year-old who lost his life and let's talk about how the recovery efforts, what we know about the injuries and how people are doing today. >> well, it's very system ber day here in boston, thomas, no doubt about it. thoughts of children at children's hospital in critical condition. 9-year-old girl, 8-year-old boy. here there are still eight patients in critical condition. i asked the doctors about their prognosis and he said, quote, they will probably be okay. but he was not saying that guaranteeing that they were going to pull this through this and patients who have undergone massive surgery and may have more surgeries, amputees, there are at least four amputees here at mass general and others across the city. 17 patients in cr
sanders saw on the ground. he was being asked to move several times. we had nbc's ron allen following this. he was in watertown earlier and moved to a different location and following this story for us this morning too. what are you learning? >> richard, i'm in cambridge a few blocks down from the suspect's home. there is a heavy presence there. the area is blocked off as you can see behind me. the house is down that street in that direction a couple of blocks down. we have been moved back as bomb detection units have been brought in. we understand from the producer who had a vantage point that there is a lot of focus on a couple of vehicles. one black suv and a silver vehicle. they have taken things out of the cars and there officer who is have weapons and the weapons drawn. the area was described as being tense. they were trading weapons on windows trying to make sure the area was secure. nothing like that out here. this area is evacuated and there a lot of people from the neighborhood standing in the streets trying to understand and trying to hear what's going on. when you think of camb
in critical condition in area hospitals. thomas? >> ron allen reporting from boston for us, thanks so much. >>> coming up next, we have an alert. the boston bombings through the country, even the world. we'll take a look at how other cities are reacting on high alert now. plus from smiles to tears and then fear. that's how one witness described the attack at the finish line of the boston marathon. or good decisions? ones i've made. ones we've all made. about marriage. children. money. about tomorrow. here's to good decisions. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your family's future? we'll help you get there. arrival. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to t
authorities found him after that day-long manhunt through the suburban neighborhood of watertown. ron allen is standing by outside the hospital with the very latest on the suspect's condition. ron, what can you tell us? what do we know about his condition at this point? >> reporter: all we know, craig, is that he is in serious condition based on what we were told late last night by the boston police commissioner. there's been no update here from the hospital administration and they have said basically call the fbi if you want to know anything about this guy because they're not going to be the ones releasing information. this is obviously a very, very sensitive matter as the legal process goes forward, but there's every indication that the suspect was involved in a gun battle of some sort, that he was wounded. we don't know at what point in the process that happened. we understand that he was found, there was a pool of blood near him, he has lost a lot of blood. we also understand that when he was taken into custody, he was somewhat incoherent as well. now, he was on the run for some 20 hour
in a boston hospital and nbc's ron allen is joining me from there. ron, with a good afternoon to you, let's get the very latest on his condition. are you getting word from the hospital or are they staying somewhat silent on that? >> reporter: absolutely silent, alex. they're basically saying ask the fbi, ask the police about that, and they are saying nothing as well. it's a very tight lid on top of any information about him so far today. that could change perhaps, but you have to understand and, of course, you do, that this is a very, very delicate and sensitive situation and so it seems unlikely that the doctors are going to tell us a lot about what his condition is, particularly as you were saying how investigators want to question him as soon as they can. we do know that he was brought here last night in serious condition is the word that was used by the boston police commissioner. we understand that he was bleeding heavily, that he had been wounded -- we don't know at what point in the 20 hours or so that he was on the run that that injury happened. we also were told and understand th
the perception. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you! >> to ron allen's point it's like a small town memorial day or fourth of july parade. the bigger the vehicle the bigger reception you get as you drive out. you just see the joy. these are just folks -- i have an idea they might be partying wicked hard in parts of boston as well now that the threat has passed. again, we are coming up on this briefing at 9:30. we've got a temporary -- a report a few minutes back that this suspect was being brought to the hospital in cambridge. rehema ellis is at -- where are you? mass general? >> reporter: i'm at mass general hospital here. we have seen a lot of activity of state police cars, unmarked cars with lights on, sirens flashing and going up into the emergency entrance of the hospital. i'm not sure if my camera man can get a shot of the front door. i'm told there are state troopers guarding the entrance, the front entrance to the hospital. i think we are anywhere from five to seven miles from watertown. the closest hospital would be mount auburn. many say the facilities that exist here at massachusetts
of boston. an unfolding scene in an iconic american city in lockdown as we speak. let's go to ron allen in cambridge. ron, for those just coming up to date this morning, tell us the extraordinary circumstances those who live in this area are being exposed to this morning. >> reporter: well, we're in cambridge around the corner from the home of the two suspects. the one slain suspect and the other who is still at large. they live down the street there, about two blocks down where there's a heavy, heavy police presence. we understand there's a bomb squad in the building right now. a dilapidated house half way down the street. the family lives there, two sisters, mother, and the father lives in russia somewhere. right now there are people all over the streets trying to get the latest information on what is going on. when we talk to people here they describe the two young men as quiet and not in any way unusual. knew they were from russia area. they had an accent. one was a wrestle area and another as a boxer for the team. and they were not seen out of the ordinary. a lot of focus is on wha
for these young men. >> many thanks for your insights. joined now by ron allen who is in cambridge where we have been seeing that activity. also clint van zandt remains with us. tell me what you're seeing. what specifically is going on? >> the police have converged on the house where the two brothers lived we believe with their mother and perhaps with two sisters. they've been out here all day. probably half the night as well. trying to learn what they can about these two individuals. we've seen cars searched in front of the house. we were told a couple hours ago there was going to be a controlled detonation of a device near the house. we've been told earlier that the house seemed to be rigged with bombs and explosives. they've not yet been able to search it completely. obviously, what they can get inside, they hope to learn a lot more about these two individuals and what they were up to, what they were thinking and everything possible about their lives. at this moment, the situation is relatively calm. they're going through this meticulously. the pace of the operation seemed to have slowed down
was discharged from the hospital earlier this morning after a ten-day stay. nbc's ron allen is in johannesburg. and ron, first of all, what do we know about nelson mandela's current condition? >> reporter: we don't know a lot of detail, craig. the statement of his release was cryptic, he showed sustained and gradual improvement. he had pneumonia, we know he has a chronic reoccurring lung problems, infections, so forth. he was in the hospital for about ten or 11 days. this is the third time in the past four months he has been in the hospital. this time, he was raced to the hospital at night. it wasn't anything routine. he is 94 years old. he will be 95 in july. at this point, he is home, this is a positive sign. i don't think anybody has any illusions he made a full, remarkable recovery, no language like that i think relief he is well enough to be home but concern how his overall health is. is he in any wayne? is he in any discomfort? so on, so forth. not a lot of detail but relief he has taken this step home. >> one of the things that i found especially interesting, about a week ago, the gover
pneumonia. nbc's ron allen is there in south africa for us. ron, was this release expected? it seemed like he was getting all this treatment and then all of a sudden he's being released. >> reporter: well, we've been hearing encouraging words in the past few days from his wife and from doctors and others speculating that things were improving. so it's not a big surprise that he was released now, but, of course, everything is very unpre2kik9abunpr unpredictable in this environment. he's 94 and will be 95 in july. every time it's happened, and it's happened three times in the past four months that he's gone to the hospital, there is a lot of tension, a lot of anxiety, a lot of worry about what his fate might be. this time was different, too. he was rushed to the hospital in the dead of night, and the government made no attempt as it has in the post to suggest this was a routine visit or this was something that was not serious. but, again, word has been trickling out in recent days that his condition was improving. that he was released was not a big surprise. still, he's receiving a lot of me
of a young mother. nbc's ron allen is in norton shores, michigan, with the latest. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. jessica haringer was working at that gas station by herself friday night when she disappeared. witnesses told them he saw a man drive off with her in a silver minivan. police have no idea who that suspect is. jessica's picture is posted everywhere around the small town in western michigan. a 25-year-old mother engaged to be married, working at a gas station to support her 3-year-old son. >> she would never leave that little boy. it would never happen. >> muskegon 911. where is your emergency? >> reporter: a motorist alarmed by what he found at the station called 911. >> there is nobody here. it wouldn't allow me to pump gas. i walked inside. there's nobody. >> reporter: police found no sign of a struggle and think heeringer was lured outside. the cash register was full, her car, keys and purse still there. >> we assume it could have been somebody she knew. >> reporter: police released video of the vehicle moving in the upper right hand corner. a silv
fresh what? a couple of weeks ago. so there's a lot going on. allen, who has been arguably the most critical person of ron johnson's tenure thus far actually took a tour with him. was invited. ultimately saying they are going to vote. great stuff, thank you scott. still ahead, a lot more on the big jobs number, the big jobs miss and the selloff on the street. and ten reasons why the market is overbought, even with a selloff. that's in triple digits. apple inching closer to bringing the streaming music service to the public. we'll look at what that could mean for the space later on. carfirmation. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. the new blackberry z10 with time shift and blackberry balance. built to keep you moving. see it in action at i know what you're thinking... transit fares! as in the 37 billion transit fares we help collect each year. no? oh, right.
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